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Vinyl Storm Windows

Vinyl Storm Windows

What Is a Storm Window?

Storm windows can be a second set of windows that install over your existing ones. They give extra insulation to homes in colder climates.

Studies have shown that up to 50 percent of energy is lost though windows. This can add up to $500 more in heating and cooling bills per year if your home has non-insulated windows.

During the colder seasons the temperature goes down and your heating bills go up. Totally replacing windows with energy efficient ones is one way to cut energy costs but can be quite expensive. But vinyl storm windows can fit over your old ones and provide an economical alternative.

Alternatives are custom-built storm windows to completely replace your existing windows.

Benefits In Using Storm Windows

  • Drafts are significantly reduced
  • Installation costs are approximately 75 percent less when compared to replacing old windows
  • Storm windows can decrease heat loss up to 70 percent when compared to single pane glass windows
  • Storm windows are available for either exterior or interior mounting
  • They come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors

Storm Windows Are Available In Different Types

Both exterior and interior storm windows provide better insulation properties than regular single pane glass windows. However, each serves a specific purpose for the homeowner.

Exterior storm windows provide protection from not only cold, but also act as a barrier against flying debris, rain, and snow. These windows can also be opened just like your existing windows.

Interior storm windows mount easily and come in different colors to match your home. They are usually weather-stripped and this provides increased insulation from drafts.

Vinyl storm replacement windows are cost effective, they save you energy, and look great.

That’s it, your quick guide to understanding vinyl storm windows. Use these to make wise choices when shopping for the windows for your home. If you need more help in choosing, or want a professional to install them for you as well as quick pricing, then simply click the button below and make a few easy clicks…

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